Urban Brunch
Saturday & Sundays 
12.00 à 16.00

( de 12.00 à 15.30 )

Section Oeufs

The Canadian
2 eggs any style, bacon, ham, smoked sausages, roasted potatoes, bread

Sinclair Omelet
omelet any style, roasted potatoes, tomatoes, baguette

Egg Benedict
“Phillips” crab meat shredded egg benedict, Dutch saffron, mixed salad, mashed parsnip, hazelnut flavored butter

Atlantic crab cake, fried Panko, spicy mayo, small greens 

Daily fresh gazpacho 

Québec duck foie gras Torchon style, Belgian waffle pan seared, fresh figs chutney 

Savory French tart, blue cheese crumble & goat cheese mousse, caramelized onion purée, apricot confit, roasted pecans 

Québec duck confit imperial roll fried, carrots Julienne, pineapple thin sliced, cilantro flavored 

Parmigiano fried Calamari, spicy sour cream cumin, Dukka, black sesame, curry 

Assorted cured meats & Québec cheese

Tartares & Co.
appetizer and main course
“Black Angus” traditional beef tartar, black truffle olive oil flavoured, marinated vegetables, old fashion mustard mayo 

Tuna tartar Thai version, Wakame, sesame oil flavoured, saffron sour cream, thin sliced carrots 

Atlantic shredded meat crab tartar, minced fennel, grapefruit segments, spicy mayo 

Traditional Atlantic salmon tartar, Cardamom sour cream flavoured, pearl onions, thin diced cucumber

Crudo Bar
5@Huître every thursday Oyster
1$ from 5pm to 7pm

Fresh Oysters

Mediterranean grilled octopus, lemon jelly, organic carrots & ginger puréed, edamame, sliced fresh seasonal vegetable 

Yellowfin tuna tataki, spicy homemade mayo, local grown seaweed, marinated pearl onions 

Atlantic Salmon Gravlax, Juniper & maple, Cardamom sour cream, marinated pearl onions & Spanish capers

Market fresh catch of the day 

Grain fed chicken Ballotine, scampi stuffed creamy basil sauce, lemon flavoured, black rice & Caponata

“ Black Angus” seared sirloin, Yukon Gold mashed with bone marrow, roots vegetable sautéed 

Daily pasta 

Appalachian deer medallion, organic carrots sautéed, goat cheese mousse, black garlic confit, Shiraz reduction

Salade Repas
Traditional Niçoise salad, tuna tataki, anchovies, Spanish capers, marinated green bean, hard boiled egg 

Large vegetarian salad, composed of a symphony of seasonal vegetables ,Feta crumble and field mixed leaves 

Québec duck leg confit on Arugula salad, cherry tomatoes, apricots confit, Amarena black cherries, raspberry dressing

Duck confit shredded meat, Yuzu & maple blended, aged Cheddar, toasted country bread, french fries 

“Pretzel” bread burger smoked meat, homemade relish & sweet mustard 

Burger “2 sesame” seared Black Angus seasoned ground meat, aged Cheddar, homemade mayo, tomatoes & lettuce 

“Sweet potato” burger bun, sliced chicken breast, Arugula pesto, grilled tomato, Prosciutto di Parma chips 

“Squid ink & black pepper” bun burger, shredded lobster meat, avocado puréed, saffron sour cream, crunchy fresh fennel

Homemade thin wedge french fries

Sweet potatoes fries

Sinclair Poutine style, french fries, homemade veal stock, cheese curds 

Seasonal roots vegetable, roasted chips style

Dessert a Capella

Discover our Desserts

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Yearly permanent terrace; various fixed price menus (Lunch, Brunch, Tasting), eclectic wine lists
(Sole Ambassador of Luce Wines in Quebec)
Ideal for cocktail parties, corporate events, banquet facilities & exclusive weddings
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514-284-3332     |     414 Rue Saint Sulpice Montréal, QC H2Y 2V5     |     info@restaurant-sinclair.com

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Sinclair Restaurant ©
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Sinclair Restaurant © 2018. All Rights Reserved   |   Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Website: Bullinger Media